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06.12.2003 / FREE CMS

PHP Nuke Content Management System is now standard for all domains. Build your dynamic Database-driven site in minutes from your CPanel.


05.22.2003 / FRESH SKINS

New Skins are now available under Reseller and End User Control Panels. Our vote goes to the futurisitc X Skin. Make your domain management a pleasure to your eyes!


05.01.2003 / NEW PLANS

Our exciting and True Value Reseller Plans launched. All plans include Unlimited Domains, Mails, Databases starting at $19


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Frequently Asked Questions


My FTP connection disconnected

The server will automatically disconnect you if your FTP session remains inactive for a period of time (usually 5 minutes).

My FTP connection timed out

If your FTP connection timed out without connecting, check your FTP settings to make sure you have specified the correct host or IP address.

My FTP connection abruptly dropped while I was in the middle of an upload

This can happen if, while uploading to your account, you approach to within 3-5% of your maximum disk space. This is initiated by the server as an emergency precautionary measure.

I can't access the site management console for my website

Make sure that you entered the correct siteadmin URL, http://www.yourdomain/cpanel and that you've been assigned Site Administration privileges. If you still experience difficulties, please contact

I can't access my statistics

Make sure that you entered the correct statistics URL, and that you are a Site Admin (only Site Admins have access to web statistics). By default, web usage statistics are set to generate every evening. So if there has been no activity during a given period, statistics may not be available for that timeframe.

I can't login to the POP or SMTP servers to send/retrieve my email

Make sure you specified the correct POP and SMTP servers in your email settings, and that your user ID (or alias) and password are correct. Your POP and SMTP servers should be set to

I get a 'password' error when trying to retrieve my email
Make sure you either typed it in correctly or specified it in your settings.

When I upload my website, I still receive the default placeholder page

Make sure you have uploaded to the correct www folder. This is the case 99% of the time. If you have confirmed that your website was uploaded to the correct www folder, then check to see if the default placeholder page (index.html)is still in place. If so, you need to either remove or overwrite it.

When I upload my website, it places the files inside my personal web folder

Make sure you have uploaded to the correct www folder (and not your personal folder). This is the case 99% of the time. In your FTP settings or preferences, there should be a variable called Directory, Remote Directory or Initial Remote Directory. You need to enter 'www/' in this field.

When I publish my site, none of the FrontPage extensions work

Be sure you published your site using the FrontPage Web Publisher. Regular FTP programs tend to corrupt the FrontPage extensions.

When I publish with FrontPage98, it places the files inside my personal web folder

We have encountered this problem on several occasions, and it has been traced to a problem with the way FrontPage98 searches for the root web and publishes files under certain configurations. The only solution is to upgrade to FrontPage2000, which will solve the problem completely.

How do I test to see if CGI is working?
Create a simple test script. I recommend:

print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";
print "InterHost Rulez\n"

Call it

chmod it to 644. Chown it to a member of the site. Chgrp it to the site#. Run it from the command line to make sure it works.

I am interested in writing scripts for my site, where can I find the CGI-BIN?
You require no cgi-bin. They just have to place the scripts in their web directory and make them executable.
Do we have any info on MySQL?
Find out all you want to know about MySQL at

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